Monday, March 26, 2012

A Nice Addition to the Empty WPF F# Template

A few days ago Steffen Formann announced a Xaml type provider that he and Johann Deneux have created that makes writing WPF apps in F# very easy. This type provider allows strongly typed access to the XAML, effectively providing the missing piece to allowing full F# WPF designer support. I've now updated the Empty WPF F# Template to include this type provider.

To use it, all you have to due is download/install the latest version of the F# Empty Windows App (WPF) template in VS11. This will generate an F# project with all the needed WPF assembly references. It also automatically installs the FSharpx.TypeProviders NuGet package and provides the starting point for creating WPF apps with the new Xaml type provider.

Here's a screenshot that's pretty similar to what Steffen showed in the announcement post. Note: The button and label were manually added after creating the project from the updated template.

One other piece that can be helpful when creating WPF apps in F# is the XAML related item templates (i.e. Page, User Control, Window, etc). Item templates are provided via the F# XAML Item Templates extension found at

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