Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Upcoming Developer Events/Conferences

There are several upcoming developer events/conferences of which I want to make sure that everyone is aware.

April 11 (tentative) - F# Fire Starter - Nashville, TN

This is going to be a great event full of presentations, demonstrations, pair programming, and open spaces.  It's open to all levels of developers with all levels of F# experience.  I'll be providing more information as it becomes available.

June 26-27 - CodeStock 2009 - Knoxvillle, TN

This is a great event where Open Spaces are mixed with a traditional conference.  The cost is just $25 and registration will open on or after March 31st.

August 13-15 - devLink 2009 - Nashville, TN

DevLink features over 75 sessions of technical content intended to make you more knowledgeable and marketable.  Registration opens April 1st and the early bird cost is $75.  Note: This conference sells out every year, so get your ticket early!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Presentation: An Introduction to F# - Slides and Sample Code

Thanks to all who came out to the Nashville .NET User Group last night. As promised, here are the slides and examples.

Click here for a zipped file containing the slides and sample script.

Click here for a zipped file containing the source code of the sample application.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sample F# Application - A Simple Quiz Provider

One of the things that we will be discussing at the Nashville .NET User Group Tomorrow night, March 19, 2009, is a sample application that has a service layer built in F#.  To access the sample code click here.

A few notes:

- The code is broken out into two main layers: Service and Presentation. 

- The service layer is built in F# and the presentation layer is build in C# with ASP.NET MVC RC1.

- The tests are written in C# (even in the service layer) to provide examples of language interoperability.

- To keep things as simple as possible, the data is stored in an XML file rather than a database.  All interaction with the data is through Linq to XML.

- The intent of this example is to help existing object-oriented developers ease into the language.  Because of this, many functional programming approaches are not utilized to the full extent.

- This uses the F# Sept. 2008 CTP.

Monday, March 16, 2009

F# Presentation at the Nashville .NET User Group

I will be providing a presentation at the Nashville .NET User Group this Thursday, March 19, 2009. Here's the information:

Presentation: "An Introduction to F#"

Abstract :

What is F#?  Why should you care?  What advantages can F# provide for real world developers?

In this presentation we will answer these questions, cover the basic syntax of F#, and explore a sample F# line-of-business application.