Thursday, January 20, 2011

New F# Empty Web Application (Silverlight) Template

There is a new F# Silverlight application template up on Visual Studio Gallery that generates an "empty" Silverlight solution. The generated solution provides the necessary structure to start F# Silverlight development, but does not include any sample code. While the previously provided F# Silverlight template (discussed at provides a nice example, it's not always useful if you have a need for an entirely different type of application.

The new F# Empty Web Application (Silverlight) template can be downloaded from the web or through the Online Templates feature of Visual Studio 2010.

Here are the steps: (Note: Visual Studio 2010 Professional (or above) is required to use this template.)

1. In Visual Studio 2010, navigate to File -> New and select Online Templates.
2. Search for "Daniel Mohl" or "F# Empty Web Application (Silverlight)":

As with most of the things posted on this blog, you can find the full source used to create this template on my GitHub site.

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