Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An F# Silverlight MVVM Multi-Project Template

In the spirit of continuing to build up set of project templates for F#, I've created an F# Silverlight MVVM multi-project template.

Here are the links to the other templates that have been announced on this blog:

- WPF MVVM Multi-Project  Template: A Polyglot Approach
- An F# WPF MVVM Project Template
- Standard WCF Template 
- Standard ASP.NET MVC 2 Template

The code provided by this multi-project template creates an application that is very similar to the output of the previously metioned F# WPF templates.

It looks something like this:

The following list shows the high level code changes that were needed to port the polyglot WPF template to Silverlight:

- Created new projects from the default C# and F# Silverlight 4 project templates.
- Made several revisions related to XAML resources.
- Changed the DataGrid control and Label controls to the Silverlight versions.

You can download the template here and find the full source at

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