Monday, October 15, 2012

Knockout.js Added to the F#/C# MVC 4 Single Page Application Template

Two weeks I announced a new Single Page Application (SPA) template with Backbone.js in the F# C# MVC 4 Visual Studio extension. Last week an example of a SPA with Knockout.js was provided. I bet you can guess what's coming...

Today, you can get version 1.13 of the F# C# MVC 4 extension, which gives you the option to choose between Backbone.js and Knockout.js when creating a F#/C# SPA.

The new project creation screen looks like this:

If you would like to see additional JavaScript frameworks included as options, let me know.

You can find information on the Knockout.js version in this post and information on the Backbone.js version in this post. Note: A C# only version and a PHP version of the Backbone.js example is available at


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