Friday, September 16, 2011

F# Type Providers - Querying StackOverflow

If you haven't yet heard, the F# 3.0 preview bits were released to the wild a couple of days ago. Congrats to the F# team for this huge accomplishment!

One of the most anticipated features of F# 3.0 is Type Providers. Type Providers make F# the best available option for working in an information-rich world. Even though the preview has only been available for a few days, there is already quite a bit of content covering Type Providers. Here are a few examples:

Here's a simple example of querying the StackOverflow OData feed using a Type Provider:

How Do I Get It?

To start playing with F# 3.0, install the VS2011 dev preview and follow any of the step-by-step instructions provided at

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