Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another CoffeeScript and jQuery UI Example

In a previous post, I showed a few examples of jQuery UI demos ported to CoffeeScript. While I prefer the approach that was shown in that post, there is another way that I could have done it. In this post, I'll show a different jQuery UI example (one of the the Slider demos) written using the CoffeeScript class structure.

You can find the full example (F# + ASP.NET MVC + CoffeeScript + jQuery UI) on my GitHub:
class Slider 
    constructor: ->
            value: 60 
            orientation: "horizontal" 
            range: "min" 
            animate: true

        $('#eq > span').each -> 
            value = parseInt $(this).text(), 10
                value: value
                range: "min"
                animate: true
                orientation: "vertical" 

window.slider = new Slider()

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