Thursday, February 17, 2011

F# PowerPack on the NuGet Gallery

A few days ago, the F# PowerPack was packaged up and uploaded to the NuGet Gallery.

For those who don't know, "the F# PowerPack are functionality which is not part of the core F# release, but enables some development scenarios with F#. The PowerPack include features such as a basic Matrix library and supporting math types, FsLex and FsYacc tools for lexing and parsing, support for using F# with LINQ-based libraries, and a tool for generating HTML documentation from F# libraries." (

The FSPowerPack.Community NuGet Package provides a quick and easy way to get started with F# PowerPack in your project. To install the package, follow the instructions outlined here (using "FSPowerPack.Community" in place of "FsUnit"). The package installation process will retrieve all the associated files, add appropriate references, and add a F# source file with a few simple examples.

In a future post, I'll talk a little about how this NuGet package was created. If you can't wait, there are several places that have great information on creating NuGet packages such as Phil Haack's "Uploading Packages to the NuGet Gallery" postScott Hanselman's latest post, and the NuGet CodePlex site. You can also find all the files that I used to create this package on my GitHub.


  1. This is great, thanks for doing this. However, it looks like the version in the "Net40" folder is referencing mscorlib 2.0

  2. Thanks, I'll look at correcting this.

  3. Thanks, I'll look at correcting this.

  4. The Net40 folder should now contain .NET 4.0 binaries.