Sunday, September 26, 2010

F#, Caliburn.Micro, and a New WP7 Template

Ever since I first heard about Caliburn.Micro, I have wanted to build an F# template that used it. With
the new WP7 panorama C# template that was included in the RTW release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools, I found a good opportunity. 

For those who haven't heard, Caliburn.Micro is a lightweight, feature packed MVVM framework. Rob Eisenberg (@eisenbergeffect) has done a fantastic job in developing this framework which consists of a "~50k assembly that builds for WP7, SL4, and WPF4" (Caliburn.Micro Introduced). While the assembly is small, the feature set is impressively large. Features include: ActionMessages, action and binding conventions, event aggregator, view locator, bootstrapper, logging, and much more. There are also a handful of features specific to WP7, not the least of which is the handling of tombstoning. To put it simply, Caliburn.Micro helps you code the "right way" while making everything easier along the way.

You can find the new F# WP7 Panorama template on Visual Studio Gallery or through the Online Templates feature of Visual Studio 2010.
Here are the steps:
(Note: Visual Studio 2010 Professional (or above) is required to use these templates.)

1. Download and install the RTW release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.
2. In Visual Studio 2010, navigate to File -> New and select Online Templates.
3. Search for "Daniel Mohl" or "F# and C# Win Phone Panorama":

As with all of the templates that have been announced on this blog, you can find the full source on github.

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