Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Son of a Son of Obsidian (My Favorite VS2010 Theme)

A month or two ago I had a great time going through all of the Visual Studio themes that can be found out on After trying several of them out, I landed on Son of Obsidian.  Here is an example of what this theme looks like when developing in F#:

While I really liked Son of Obsidian, there were a few settings that made my eyes hurt.  After tweaking font colors specific to Resharper, Visual Studio 2010 Productivity Power Tools, etc., I can now say that this is officially my favorite theme.

How Can I Get It?

A few people have asked how they can get this slightly modified version of Son of Obsidian.  This can be accomplished by doing the following:

1. Download Son of a Son of Obsidian here.
2. Open Visual Studio 2010.
3. Select "Tools" then "Import and Export Settings..." from the main menu.

4. In the resulting wizard, select "Import selected environment settings" and click "Next".
5. Select "No, just import new settings, overwriting my current settings" and click "Next".
6. Click the browse button, locate the file that you downloaded in step 1, and select it.  Then click "Next".
7. Click Finish.
8. Finally, assuming the import is successful, click "Close".

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