Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Setting Up Querly

In my last post, I introduced Querly (a simple CouchDB query engine).  In this post, I provide the steps for setting up Querly.

1. Start by installing CouchDB.  A windows installer is available on the couchdb wiki.
2. Next, install Erlang.  I'm using version R13B04.
3. Now, install RabbitMQ, available at  Note: Querly has built in support for subscription to a RabbitMQ queue.  This allows updates to be received without having to reload an entire database from CouchDB.  This is not required for utilization of the basic functionality of Querly; however, it is required for auto update support and for all of the tests to run successfully.
4. Launch CouchDB and RabbitMQ.
5. Retrieve Querly from
6. Edit make.bat in the Querly directory and change the Erlang directories appropriately.
7. Launch Querly by executing the batch file in the main directory.  This will run all of the tests.

In a future post, I'll talk about how to get started with Querly.


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