Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great F# Resources

For those of you interested in F#, here are some great resources worth checking out.

- HubFS - Here you will find forums, announcements, and many other resources.  Don Syme is often spotted here answering questions and posting examples.
- Don Syme's Blog - This is the blog of the creator of F# and one of the authors of the book Expert F#.
- Robert Pickering's Blog - Author of the book Foundations of F# and recent guest on Hansel Minutes show #76
- Ted Neward's Blog - Ted was recently on DNR show #377 discussing F# with Amanda Laucher.  They are currently working on a book.
- Amanda Laucher's Blog
- Real World Functional Programming by Tomas Petricek
- F# MSDN Developer Center - This site has several great resources to get you started including links to the latest release, free chapters of Expert F#, announcements, and specification documentation.
- Examples on CodePlex - Contains links to additional resources including several listed on this blog entry.
- Matthew Podwysocki's blog - Contains great content and examples.

If you know of other great resources, let me know!

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